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Participation and Authenticity: The New Prosumer and User-Generated Content

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Session: Participation and Authenticity (The New Prosumer and User-Generated Content)

Session Leader: Steve Portigal


PDF link to Steve's Talking Points


Three Themes


1) Participation

2) Marketing Back to Us

3) Authenticity



1) Participation


• previously there existed a huge gap before between producers and consumers

• now there are interesting links between the two

• internet enables the blurring of the lines between producers/professionals and consumers

• content now no longer in the realm only of producers

• enabled by technology or motivation

• cited examples of Adult Swim show parodying heavy metal band Dethklok

- you tube – 7 or 8 videos recording the theme

- fan-recorded dvd commentaries

• creating + realizing directly on the web

• examples of participation

- gizmodo asked for designs on Nintendo system

- pc-making – case-mods well-designed pc cases themselves

- wired – new series star trek [www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.12/startrek.html|New Yoyages] produced by fans – some from the film community (Later that day it was announced that George Takei, Sulu from the original series, would play his character in this new series.)


2) Marketing Back To Us


• cited examples of notion of participation is now being marketed

- Michel Gondry – be kind rewind (Jack Black) - The central action in “Be Kind Rewind” takes place in a car junkyard. In the movie, Jerry, the character Jack Black will play, accidentally becomes magnetized by a power plant. His magnetic field erases all the tapes in a video store where his best friend, Mike, played by Mos Def, works. The duo end up re-enacting and refilming their own versions of movies like “King Kong” and “Ghostbusters.” These re-enactments will allow Gondry to recreate well-known films, many of which have elaborate special effects, in his inventive, handcrafted style.

- Daniel Clowes – kids recreated "raiders of the lost ark" shot by shot

- youtube – working with cingular to discover a new band

- idea of "co-creation" – making products & advertising

- firefox – making movies for the browser

- some people made negative ads – chevy Tahoe example


3) Authenticity


• question - what is authentic?

BzzAgent has generated strong negative reaction regarding strong evangelists within social networks

• questions and discusssion around undercover or stealth marketing

• eg. sony ericsson – hired attractive people in bars to generate buzz around the exchanges by using the products.

• lonelygirl15 – you tube series

• subservient chicken – burger king

• question - why would someone trying to market zima to us in a bar bother us so much? feel stupid, wasted your time

• lack of authenticity, people being paid to market irritates people

• now people have to filter through interactions to think about what is authentic

• innate ability for people to ferret out bs


More Questions


• What's the right voice?

• Is there an ethical issue?

• Honesty?

• Or does it not matter to get the buzz?

• Is it different for different products?

• Implications for products or emssages

• What happens when companies let go and let people participate off message,

or should companies try to participate and control the message(s)?

• How do you measure all these different things?

• Are there metrics?

• What are the core drivers?

• How do you change from being a producer?


Nancy Tubbs – challenged assumptions that we're producing more today.

Lots of discussion around this.

Responses include:

• it's more about delivery – not you can broadcast

• Easier to share now,

• kids are comfortable with sharing

• identity development is important here (Mike Prince)


Miscellaneous Comments/Questions


• speed of the feedback loop

• commentary instanteanesouly

• backlash to all the user generated content

• it's a given that content is being shared

• create community - is it the same as the third party?

• what voice does the manufacturer use to touch the customer?

• innate ability for people to feret out bs

• the internet is becoming bs – more and more junk there

• why does disingeniuty bother us - because they don’t have your interst in mind

• companies following blogs – commenting to change content

• financial interests of bloggers – Michale Arrington example, interest alignment

• older people fall for ads – whereas kids are more savvy

• when does someone have an agenda that I don't know about and when do they don't

• how do you get the word out, in the quickest amount of time

• consumers want access to cool products", would rather get a few enthusiasts to market

• people just want to know what's advertising – Arrington is good about this

• self-policing is going on – people freak out if their comments are being deleted – flame wars will erupt

• interesting how the concept of friend changes

• shifting norms in mediated interactions as tech changes

• what's appropriate commenting behavior – what do you say about Zima?

• there is a backlash – losing channel of who to touch


Main Participants


Steve Portigal

Eliel Johnson

Peter Kazanjy

Paul Martino

Nancy Tubbs

Virginia Glaenzer – BuzzBee

Natalie Quizon

Lauren Blankenship

Evelyn Rodriguez

Anu Nigam

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