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This Marcamp was attended by over 40 people from all aspects of Silicon Valley, as well as Parisian hacker culture (Salut, Silicon Sentier!). Thanks to everybody!


Sessions notes


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Proposed Sessions

Tentative Agenda


Request for input: Hey all, this is Pete Kazanjy. While your MarCamp experience is fresh in your minds, I want to ask you for some brain cycles.


Did you not get to go to a session you wanted to yesterday because you had to choose between it and another really good topic? Annoying, huh?


I'm working on a scheduling web app to help make unconference planning more streamlined, and allow people to more often get to see all the sessions they want to see, with fewer conflicts. To that end, if you're so inclined, check out the spec here and append your comments to that page, or, alternatively, email me with your thoughts.


The goal is to make a tool for anyone who plans one of these things to use, for free, any time.




Marketing, Advertising, Recommendations


To edit the wiki, the password is orange




    • How will marketing and advertising evolve in the next 5 years? How best to leverage the power of the community and 2.0 technologies to the benefit of marketing and advertising?



To edit the wiki, the password is orange



Tuesday, September 26th 2006

8:30am - 5:30pm followed by a Wine & Cheese cocktail party at 6pm




FTGroup - Orange facilities


801 Gateway BLVD suite 500,

South San Francisco, CA 94080




Presentations and Discussions

As for every unconference, the participants make the marcamp what it is.

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Attendees - Sign up by editing the registration page.

(60 spots available)



Mark Plakias

Pascale Diaine

Natalie Quizon




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